A Few Proposals for Sustainable Agriculture and Development

The present world’s agriculture is passing a very crucial time. With the advancement of high technology, a rapid development has been made to meet the immediate demand of food and many day-to-day essentials for growing the population of the world. However, this quick advancement seldom considered long term effect of the earth’s environment. Industrialization, improvement of crop, use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and mechanization of cropping culture has brought rapid changes and has imbalanced/disturbed the spontaneous ecosystems. It is true that cropping/farming is a biased culture which solely depends on the desire of the human being. Moreover, multiple needs have made it commercial i.e. market product for profit/benefit. Obviously market commodities always seek immediate result i.e. more profit. To ensure more earnings, agriculture has become more selective and mechanized and more external input based for which we have lost diversity among and within the species.

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