Wetland Preservation in Dhaka City Area

Bangladesh is a Tropical monsoon country of South Asia with geographical location 20°34’N to 26°38’N and 88°01’E to 92°41’ E bordering the Bay of Bengal in the south with a coast line 734 km, Myanmar for 193 km in the south east and India for 4,053 km in the west, north and east. It is a part of humid tropics, with the Himalayas in the north and the funnel shaped coast touching the Bay of Bengal in the south. The country comprises of an area of 147,570 km² with a population 165 million. The terrain is mostly flat; hilly in southeast. Natural hazards include droughts, cyclones; much of the country routinely flooded during the summer monsoon season. Many people are being forced to live on flood-prone land with limited access to potable water. Water-borne diseases are prevalent. Water pollution is a big problem as a result of commercial uses of pesticides. In addition, there are intermittent water shortages, soil degradation, deforestation, and severe overpopulation. Continue reading